Dino Tomic: El artista que dibuja en el agua, fuego y oscuridad


Dino Tomic es un tatuador noruego que llevó su pasión de dibujar, más allá de ilustrar en la piel. Creó sus propias técnicas al realizar piezas con pólvora, tinta fluorescente, y recientemente con “rainworks” una tintura invisible que se activa con agua para crear un contraste.

WATER ART! The Beatles Experimenting with water further more =D Throwing water at dry concrete to show whats hidden in the sun .Only when the water hits the surface you can see that there is something magical happening. So from salt art to flames art , to glowing art to heat changing art to water art now =D This piece is the second piece i did using this new technique and i feel a slight improvement from the first piece =D So many new things to consider when making these and so many new obstacles to tackle – cant wait to explore this new medium even more =D Thank you very much for sending me your supplies @proudtoberainy so that i can test them out =D #Rainworks ( their web page is : rain.works : if anyone is interested in checking it out =D

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Los trabajos hiperrealistas de Tomic son asombrosos, además de esmerados, pues trabajar con material que se evapora, se dispersa o simplemente no se ve, no es cosa sencilla. Muchas de sus obras son realizadas en la banqueta, en una pared o en un espacio libre, lo que agregaría un toque de street art a su estilo.


ATTENTION – this is DANGEROUS! I have been doing this gun powder work for some time now and i have figured out a thing or two so far . Firstly SAFETY FIRST – after all im literally painting with explosions and flames. With great power come great responsibilities! My work with fire has been seen several hundred million times now and there is no doubt that a lot of people got inspired to try it because of what i do. I cant tell you how dangerous this could be if you dont use the right gunpowder or the right surface to burn it on or the right location to make it in! The only time something really happend to me was with this batman piece right here – i used black powder for the first and last time here ( the person who sold me that this would work as good as the normal powder i use so i blindly trusted him without doing some research my self – turned out after the burning ( when i have inhaled all the fumes of the burn ) i got so incredibly bad – puking and diarrhea for 3 days straight with little to no sleep. It burned super slow ( thats why i had to speed up the video ) and it also left some black residue that got uplifted in the air while it was burning. It gave nice effect to this image / the dark effect for the batman – but it was all over the room ( the room was completely empty and the only thing in it was this canvas – so a quick round of vacuum cleaning did the job ) . The conclusion be careful and do the research before doing anything that could harm you – consult others and get help if you need it / professional supervision is advised =)

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Dino Tomic nació en Croacia en 1988 pero a los 14 años de edad se trasladó a Noruega, lugar donde reside e inició su negocio de tatuajes en 2011. Actualmente publica en las obras en sus redes sociales, para inspirar a sus seguidores. El mismo afirmó que “la manera más fácil de aprender es copiar y estudiar el trabajo de otros, para así crear un estilo propio al conocer varias formas de creación”. 



¿Qué te parece? ¿Crees que sus obras son algo complicadas o efímeras?

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