Este papá cambia las caras en Photoshop por los dibujos de sus hijos


Los dibujos infantiles suelen reflejar una realidad más abstracta percibida por ellos, y aunque solemos creer que son disparates, la verdad es que son una mina de oro de creatividad que nadie había considerado. Sólo se necesitaba que alguien lo descubriera, y para ello están Dom y Al, que con la ayuda de su papá, Tom Curtis, se dedican a cambiar caras de animales, obras de arte, personas y lo que sea que se les ocurra en una versión más innovadora.

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Things I Have Drawn representa de forma divertida y “realista” la abstracción de la realidad de los dibujos de los niño, la cual -aunque distorsionada- es muy divertida, con mucho ingenio, imaginación y gran creatividad. La ventaja de estos niños que que su papá es un experto en Photoshop y se dedica a transformar distinto objetos y seres e lo que ello dibujan.

Las creaciones de esta familia las comparten en su cuenta de Instagram, las cuales son excelentes, pues nos muestran un mundo que antes veíamos y se perdió conforme crecimos.

Cabra muy feliz

Al menos tiene una oreja

Siguen siendo tiernas

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Yesterday was hot, but today it’s hotter. Here’s a new drawing – the head of an otter. (And his friend.) ____ Hi everyone. Tom here, the boys’ dad. So you can probably tell the reason we’ve not posted for three whole weeks isn’t because I’ve spent so long perfecting the rhyme. Trotter? Blotter? Plotter? Hmm. No – I’ve actually been away with work, so haven’t had much time. But hopefully you’ll like this pic by Dom, and we should be back next weekend with more drawing silliness. (But for now – another lie down, in the garden, under the shade – what a scorcher it is today.) ___ #thingsihavedrawn #thingsihavedrawnatthezoo #otters #kidsdrawings

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Sin del título no sabría que animal era:

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Fox on the rocks! (Well, actually it’s more like a dry muddy bank, but that didn’t rhyme.) ___ Hi everyone. Check out this awesome drawing of a fox by 4-year old Pasha and DMed to us by his mum @shirinita1979. Thanks for sending it to us – and great job Pasha. If your kid is a budding artist (as they all are), DM us their drawing, or even better, hashtag it #thingsihavedrawnatthezoo. Try and make it a good quality scan or photo if you can. And if they don’t know what to draw, some of the animals that don’t yet feature on our instagram or in our book include a badger, wolf, guinea pig, hamster, woodpecker, puffin and kingfisher – all ones we’d quite like to do. Good luck! ___ #thingsihavedrawn #kidsdrawing #fox

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Perturbador aunque sonría


Casi tierno

Para nada tierno

Por lo menos tiene cuernos

Es una liebre

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Don’t stare – it’s only a hare! ___ Hi everyone. Tom here, the boys’ dad, back in the UK from Iceland and looking forward to Christmas. Lots of you will know that last year Dom, Al and I published our first book – Things I Have Drawn at the Zoo. It’s full of animals of course, lots that don’t appear on Instagram – including this snow hare drawn by Al when he was 5 (until now, that is). The book is still on sale, and will hopefully arrive in time for Christmas if you order soon. USA, Germany and UK are the countries with our most followers, so I’ve included some links below. But I know it’s available elsewhere (sorry though – just in English language at the moment). Hope you like it, and we’ll be back with another funny animal soon. USA Deutschland UK ___ #thingsihavedrawnatthezoo #hare #snowhare #kidsdrawings

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Lindos colmillos para el perro

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It’s Ollie the Dog! #thingsihavedrawn #kidsdrawing #dog #Ps_Animal

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Por lo menos éste tiene nariz

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#ad Look where we are – it’s Iceland of course. What shall we draw? Oh look – there’s a horse. __ Hi everyone. Becky here again, the boys’ mum. So, did you guess it? That’s right – it was Reykjavik in that last post, the capital of Iceland. You might have, by now, seen the Instagram Story we’ve posted, with loads of amazing things we’ve done. But one thing we haven’t done, is seen many animals. It turns out that over the winter it gets so cold that even the sheep and the cows are tucked up inside. But at least there are a few horses around. And this one certainly doesn’t seem at all bothered about the temperature. What a happy chap. #wewhotravel #thingsihavedrawn @hotelsdotcom

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El camello tiene unos dientes raros

No está tan lejos de algunas razas de perro…

Sigue luciendo malvado

Su naricita