Libro: El abc de la Bahaus y teoría del diseño


Muchas de las estrategias del diseño Bahaus siguen vigentes, es por eso que conviene revisar el material y comparar los principios del movimiento con lo que se está haciendo actualmente, porque muchas de sus ideas Bahaus se aplican en el diseño industrial.


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Foundation Bauhaus Dessau Announces Winners of Bauhaus Museum Competition The Foundation #Bauhaus #Dessau has announced two winners in its #competition to design the new Bauhaus #museum. The winning teams of Gonzalez Hinz Zabala and Young & Ayata, from Barcelona and New York respectively, were selected from a total of 815 designs submitted after the competition was launched earlier this year. In its press release, the Foundation stated that both designs “continue the Bauhaus tradition, albeit from very differing approaches.” With the new museum planned for completion in time for the Bauhaus’ 100th #anniversary in 2019, the Foundation has stated that they “will commence parallel negotiations with the two first award winners” in order to award the commission for the final design, with the intention of resolving the stalemate within the next three months. The foundation also announced designs winning third and fourth place in the contest, as well as three designs awarded commendations. Read on to find out more about all seven designs. Joint 1st Place: Gonzalez Hinz Zabala (Landscape Architecture: Roser Vives de Delás) Joint 1st Place: Young & Ayata (Landscape Architecture: Misako Murata)

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