Tipografías que tienen un efecto de 3D y distorsión


El artista suizo Cyril Vouilloz también conocido como Rylsee tiene obra que te engaña visualmente, mira el efecto de distorsión y 3D que logró con tipografía, los casos son graciosos y es una buena idea para utilizarla para algún proyecto publicitario.

– INSPIRATION ROBBER – #sketchbook2point0 100% analog . It is a common knowledge that artists of all time have been inspired by each others work. It is also quite frequent that an artist would take elements from the artwork of a peer they admire and incorporate it in their own artwork. That’s totally cool! There’s nothing wrong in this, it’s normal, we all do it. ?? Nevertheless, with the Internet era, it seems that the line between: -inspired by- & -copied from- got a little bit blurred out. There is absolutely nothing wrong in taking elements from someone else’s work we like and reinterpret it in our own work. But to an extreme of “inspiration” the situation can become a bit confusing. Indeed, keep in mind that getting compliments, attention and recognition for sometime you haven’t creat is definitely not cool. I witnessed many cases throughout the years and it sometimes make me wonder. What’s the purpose of creating images nowadays? Is the main goal only getting likes and attention by any ways? It might sound “old school” but I innocently thought that people were driven by the will of creating something beautiful to genuinely share it with the world? I might be wrong though, What’s your opinion about it? . _____________________________________

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