10 cuentas de Instagram que tienes que seguir si eres [email protected] visual


Instagram se convertido en un auténtico campo de cultivo para generar mayor creatividad. Lo amigable de esta aplicación móvil ha logrado que un número cada vez mayor de personas puedan expresarse a través de las imágenes… si los fotógrafos aficonados pueden lograr grandes tomas, imagínate lo que los profesionales de la imagen han logrado desde sus cuentas personales de esta red social.

Diseñadores, fotógrafos, arquitectos, cineastas y demás creativos visuales suelen sorprender al mundo de la web con las imágenes cotidianas que plasman en sus fotografías, aprovechan la posibilidad de contar siempre con un aparato fotográfico a la mano, encuadran su vida diaria y publican instantáneas de lo más inspiradoras.

A continuación te mostramos  NN cuentas de Instagram que como creativo visual te conviene seguir, te proporcionarán una fuente casi cxasi inagotable de inspiración.

1.- Vicky Navarro, arquitecta mexicana.

? Fatima Yamaha | What's A Girl To Do I ? CDMX

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2.- Jussi Ulkuniemi, fotógrafo.


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3.- Dan Rubin, diseñador británico.

KOYA BOUND IS FUNDED!!! I can’t express how amazing this feels — my first Kickstarter campaign and in just over 48 hours we reached our goal. No words. Well, I just typed lots of words but none of them actually explain how it feels to have something we (@craigmod and I) have made, and spent far too many months looking at to actually know if it makes sense to anyone else. To those of you who contributed to the campaign so far — THANK YOU! We still have weeks left before the campaign finishes (that’s how Kickstarter works: we set a 3-week timeline on the campaign, so even though we’ve been funded we can’t stop it early, or do anything, really, until the end of this month), and that means if you or someone you know/love/admire would appreciate a copy of Koya Bound, you can get it at $20 off the retail price through the Kickstarter campaign so take advantage of it while you can — and please tell your friends and family! Finally, we’re thinking about adding some stretch goals, so if you’ve contributed you can also add comments and suggestions on Kickstarter (by commenting on the campaign or the updates we’ve posted so far) for what you’d like to see added, if anything. #koyabound #japan #leica #leicaq

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4.- Sarah Palmer, instagramer.

Making starlight jar nightlights for my camp mates & friends ?✨

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Discovering new ways to play with light in my home studio ?✨ What new things have you discovered lately? This month I’m hosting a photo contest with @Allianz and @TheMuseumofModernArt around the theme #Discovery- participate here on instagram and you could win a trip to New York & a VIP tour of @TheMuseumofModernArt! Whether you’ve discovered new ways of looking at things you might see every day, or a new part of the world, we want to see your photos! Post your best #Discovery photos and stories with #DareTo and @Allianz by September 25 to enter. @Allianz will be regramming their favorites as we go and I will choose the winning entry at the end of the month. See you in NYC! ? #Sponsored (Full Ts&Cs available from @Allianz)

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5.- Roman Palchenkov, cineasta.

A photo posted by Roman Palchenkov (@palchenkov) on

A photo posted by Roman Palchenkov (@palchenkov) on

6.- Sam Horine, fotógrafo neoyorkino.

a particularly enjoyable shade of purple tonight ?

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catch as catch can

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7.- Janske, fotógrafo.


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8.- Adam Senatori, fotógrafo.

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9.- Paul Octavious, Chicago.

When a friends been gone for a while and you show him a new secret spot in the city 🙂

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Still daydreaming of this day…? Largest Slip N Slide ever!

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10.- Kirsten Alana, fotografía.

Today in Alaska presented moments of such supreme stillness, peace and yet connectivity to other people that I had to try and write about it even though it means skipping ahead in my story of this state. Because what good is it if I tell you to visit a destination where you might not have real connections to anything. We met up early, strangers all, and traveled away from Anchorage, up to Willow with @murklcom; where we spent the day at a private home on a lake, able to choose all manner of activities or enjoy an endless buffet of food + the company of like-minded #ATWS2016 attendees & a host of Alaskans working in various industries that service locals or tourists. The goal was to relax into enjoying Alaska, and into the stories that make this state The Last Frontier. I did a little bit of it all: taking photos, telling stories, hearing stories, eating AMAZING food, making friends with sled dogs and even getting a bit of a workout out on the water. It was during my second time in the kayak just before we all packed up to [reluctantly] leave, that this moment occurred. The water was as flat as a plate of glass, the colors were heightened by the setting sun and after I pulled alongside Mauricio from @fantastico_sur we shared our mutual appreciation for the stillness of the moment and the importance of taking time to observe such moments when they occur in our hectic lives; rare that they are. He said, and I'm paraphrasing, "that we have a mission to give people their life back, to help them find their heart… through travel." I thought it was so profound because we just met today but not knowing me, he cut right to the heart of what I want to do. I don't travel to make you jealous, to make you feel envy or to be cool, I travel to remind you what's possible, to encourage you to find and grab the opportunities that will make YOU come alive. Like I did in the stillness of a lake in the middle of nowhere in Alaska today. #DayOfAdventure

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