Pack de íconos de producción de alimentos sustentable gratis


Ahora se necesita para diversos proyectos íconos de producción de alimentos sustentables, y el pack que compartió graphicfuel está en formato .SVG y .AI , el paquete además tiene como fin crear conciencia sobre la producción sostenible comida.



Porque de lo que se trata es de llevarlo a la práctica.

Good morning. On Recycled Interiors blog today I am talking about the Importance Of Considering Your Food. Do you write a weekly meal plan? How about a shopping list? These are things I tend to stray away from, but I know it is better for your wallet, our planet, and your health. If you work out what you will have for your main meals for the week, write a list and then stick to it, not only will you stay in budget, but you will have healthier meals. You will also avoid impulse buying, or buying things that end up wasted. I tend to work it out in my head, when I shop at the start of the week, but it is easy to “nick into the shop” for one thing you “need” and end up walking out $100 out of pocket, when you could have waited until next week’s shop, and used what you had on hand in the pantry, fridge and garden (especially with a house of hungry boys). It is all too easy to fall into the trap of quick buying, of thinking there always needs to be cheese in the fridge, or whatever. In reality, you can usually cobble something together with the staples you have at home – if you have planned it out, and thought about what makes up a healthy meal. A large part of my new eBook –Healthy Planet, Healthy People, Healthy Home – Create a Sustainable Home You Love – is considering buying local food, food and packaging waste management, and the importance of growing some of your own food, and shopping locally. Maybe you are growing some of your own food, aiming for locally grown and staying as organic and free-range as possible? Or have you not really considered the impact of your shopping trolley? Whatever you think or feel about food, it is vital to consider the impact of your food choices on your health and wellbeing, and the impact your food production, consumption and waste disposal has on the planet. It is easy to just go to the supermarket, buy what you need, and eat it. But the production, transport and disposal of your food and its packaging has a massive impact; in fact, it is one of the biggest factors in the health of our planet. Read more on the blog today and grab your discount copy of my e book with special gifts for a short time only! x

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The tasting platter that tops all tasting platters. A vibrant wholefood creation by @elsas_wholesomelife. #activatednutrients #activatedlife

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